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Lifest Health Care is a registered NDIS provider in Caboolture, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Caloundra, and the Greater Brisbane Region. We also provided Social and Community Access in Caboolture, Individualised Living Options in Caboolture, Specialised Disability Accommodation in Caboolture, Supported Independent Living in Caboolture, Community Center in Caboolture, and Allied Health Care in Caboolture.

Ndis Individualised Living Options in Caboolture

With an Individualised Living Option, you can design the supports you want and then fund them so you can live how you want. Whether you live with friends or housemates or are supported by a host family, ILO funding can help you determine how you want to live, where you want to live, and who you want to live with. An Individualised Living Option doesn’t depend on whether or not you qualify for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) funding. You can live in a friend’s home or host family’s home, or on your own with the support you need.

An interchanged support package may be created with a flexible, individualised living option to meet your wants and requirements. Our interchanged living options are customisable assistance packages that may be switched to suit your needs. With ILO, you may choose to live where you want, how you want, and what support you need. You may also choose to receive support with household chores like meal preparation and shopping. Again, you can decide how you want to live, where you want to live, and what support you need. In addition to ILO, we have created a unique in-house package called flexible living option (FLO). The FLO package allows you to receive support in the house you want. It provides the same aid as ILO, which enables you to live independently in your home.

Independent Living Options ILO - Friends having fun together - Lifest HealthCare Brisbane - NDIS registered service provider

How Do We Stand Out as Individual Living Option Providers (ILO) in Caboolture?

We believe in providing participants with additional options beyond typical group home supports, in which they can experiment with Ndis Individualised Living Options in Caboolture. We know how important choice and control are and how people with disabilities should be able to choose various living and accommodation options. We work with respectful real estate agents who understand the value of long-term tenancy and high-quality housing for people with disabilities. These relationships have helped many participants to find high-quality housing and receive individualised care.

What is the Difference between ILOs and SILs?

The new NDIS Individual Living Options (ILOs) Caboolture provide a wide range of exciting possibilities. Here are some examples.

Hosts – living with a supportive family or individual in their home.

Co-residents – A person with psychological or social needs lives with a support worker and receives free or discounted rent in exchange for support.

Living Together with a Supporting Friend – sharing with a friend who provides support.

Living Together, Sharing NDIS Participants – People with a mental disorders who use NDIS live together and share support, living how they want.

Living Together, Sharing NDIS Participants with Co-resident – as above, but a Co-resident lives in the house to provide additional support.

Living Together, Supporting Families – a family that lives with other families to provide support, but receives additional assistance to make the arrangement sustainable.

Friendly Neighbours – A person who lives nearby and helps to build connections into the community.

Circle of Support – People with a disability may employ volunteers to assist them in living more independently.

6 Principles of Shared Living:

Belonging and Connection – You are allowed to build connections with other people and pursue relationships.

Independent living – You can lead an ordinary life.

Self-determination – You can control your life and decide how you want to live it.

Flexibility – You can method your life the way you want it to be by deciding how things should be done.

Choice – You control where and how you live.

Trust – You are an equal partner in your relationships, and you can be trusted.

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NDIS And Private Care Services We Offer

Lifest Health Care offers services for all walks of life and ages throughout Caboolture, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Caloundra, and the Greater Brisbane Region. Our experienced and friendly staff pride themself on their ability to connect and make a difference. Lifest offers a variety of flexible services enabling individuals and their families to tailor make their care requirements and customize accordingly to their fluctuating needs.

Supported Independent Living Caboolture

In Supported Independent Living, Lifest Healthcare assists our participants with tasks of daily living to support and promote independence. We adapt to individualised, person-centered care that is tailor made to support participants needs, goals and choices.

Individualised Living Options (ILO) Caboolture

Our Individualised Living Options are customisable support packages that can be interchanged to suit you and your unique needs. ILO includes services like support with daily living tasks, assistance in developing your skills, or assistance with household tasks.

Specialised Disability Accommodation Caboolture

Our Specialised Disability Accommodations, include a range of housing options that are designed specifically for our participants with extreme functional impairments or high support needs. The aim of our SDA is to make accessing support easier.

Community Centre Caboolture

Our team bring to you our Shine House - located in Crestmead. At Shine House, we believe that life amounts to much more than just the serious stuff. It is sometimes as simple as coming together, finding a safe space as individuals. We have activities running Monday to Friday.

Community Access Caboolture

Community Access focuses on goals that related to participation in social groups, community events, involvement in recreational activities, and personal appointments. Our support team can assist you in engaging with your passions external to walls of your home.

Allied Health Caboolture

Our dedicated Allied Health team provide quality care to participants to achieve their full potential. Our Lifest Healthcare team is composed of – Physiotherapists, Counsellors, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Registered Nurses.

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