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Private Care Services in Sunshine Coast

Lifest is leader in providing Private Care services in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Caboolture, Caloundra, and the Greater Brisbane Region. Our services include Nursing Care Brisbane, Palliative Care Brisbane, Hospital To Home Brisbane, Dementia Care Brisbane, Respite Care Brisbane, and Personal Care Brisbane.

Private Respite Care in Brisbane

Private Nursing Care in Sunshine Coast

Lifest Health Care provides general and post-acute nursing care in your home, identifying and monitoring medically diagnosed clinical conditions. We also assess your medication regimen and dementia symptoms. If you are discharged from the hospital, we will collaborate with your medical team to design a care and support plan that suits your requirements. Our nurses provide compassionate care to people with medically diagnosed clinical conditions. We utilize the most recent advancements in telehealth, technology, and evidence-based care to support people and those with long-term health problems after an accident or illness. From injecting regular doses to monitoring and dressing wounds, our nurses help people deal with an accident, illnesses, or chronic health issues.

Private Nursing Care in Sunshine Coast support allows individuals to recover from surgery, injury, or to manage a chronic condition in the comfort of their residence. Some examples of our diverse skills and services that can be offered include:

  • Incontinence Assessment
  • Non-Invasive Ventilation Support
  • Invasive Ventilation Support
  • Catheter Care
  • Vital Sign Observation and Management
  • Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy (PEG) cares
  • Diabetes Management
  • Wound Management
  • Delegated Health Care Plans

What a Private Nursing Care in Sunshine Coast Do?

Having a trained Registered Nurse, a home healthcare nurse can provide medical care in your loved one’s house. We can assist with various medical issues, including wound care, intravenous therapy, ostomy care, and more, in addition to skilled clinical services. In most instances, we can perform most of the required duties for those who desire home nursing care. A Registered Nurse can help you with complex clinical procedures, should the caregiving team not be enough. This team-based approach to nursing provides the most economical care for your loved ones. Hospitals are fewer for those who care for nurses, consequently reducing the chance of serious infections and fatal illnesses. The need for a pricey nursing home placement is reduced sooner.

Nursing in Aged Care Homes in Sunshine Coast

Lifest provides a variety of home nursing services to meet your demands. Whether it’s to manage a health condition or weakness, allow you to return home after a stay in the hospital, or die in your own home with palliative care, our skilled and specialist nurses are here to assist you. We offer short-term care while you recover from an illness, injury, or surgery, and we will provide long-term care if you need it. We work with you, your family, your doctors, and other health professionals to create the best care possible. We are open seven days a week to ensure you receive ongoing treatment to prevent unnecessary stays in the hospital.

Besides the at-home nursing services, you may also have any combination of these elderly care services. Please contact us if you’re interested in any other Home Care Package services besides Companion Care, Personal Care, Respite Care, Live-in Care, or 24×7 Care.

We can provide dressings, cleanses, and debridement services, as well as home care instructions. We wish to assist you heal as quickly and effectively as possible, enabling you to return to living your life.

We recognise that surgery can be a nervous and anxious process. That is why we offer pre- and post-operative care to help our patients through every phase of the process. We will work with you to develop a care plan that meets your specific needs and ensure that you have everything you need for a smooth recovery.

It can be difficult and daunting to care for a loved one who is living with a life-limiting disease. With Basic Home Care, you can trust our experienced and qualified nurses to provide your loved one with palliative care to make their final days as pleasant as possible.

It can be complicated and difficult todealwithillness, but with the assistanceof our nurses, the processmay be simplified and successful.Youmay take the correct medicine safely and effectively, thusimproving your health and wellbeing.

Private Care Services We Offer

Lifest Health Care offers services for all walks of life and ages throughout Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Caboolture, Caloundra, and the Greater Brisbane Region. Our experienced and friendly staff pride themself on their ability to connect and make a difference. Lifest offers a variety of flexible services enabling individuals and their families to tailor make their care requirements and customize accordingly to their fluctuating needs.

Nursing Care Sunshine Coast

Our nursing support team, create personalised nursing care plans to assist individuals in achieving their recovery goals. Private nursing allows individuals to recover from surgery, injury, or chronic condition in the comfort of their home.

Palliative Care Sunshine Coast

Lifest HealthCare offer holistic and professional palliate care support for individuals in their home. Our team of Nurses and other highly trained professionals, aim in promoting peace and dignity throughout the final stages of one’s life.

Dementia Care Sunshine Coast

Dementia is now the 3rd leading cause of disease burden in Australia. Caring for individuals at all stages of dementia requires a caring support team that is skilled, demonstrates sensitivity and early warning signs of deterioration.

Personal Care and Domestic Assistance in Sunshine Coast

Maintaining your confidence and independence in your home is important to you, and therefore important to us. Lifest is here for all your personal care and domestic assistance. We understand that keeping on top of your personal care and housekeeping.

Hospital In The Home (HIIT) in Sunshine Coast

At Lifest HealthCare, we offer post-hospital admission clinical care from the comfort of your home. Our nursing team will work closely with you, your family, and your hospital medical team, to develop and implement a care support plan that meets your post-admission needs.

Respite Care in Sunshine Coast

Any caregiver can receive respite care if they require a temporary break from their responsibilities. This could include parents of children with special needs, caretakers of elderly relatives, and those with chronic illnesses. It might also be beneficial for caregivers who are suffering from disease or financial issues.

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